14 ch : Internet GSM & GPRS Data Logger

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Logic energy GSM & GPRS enabled 14 channel Datalogger used for live remote monitoring. Data is automatically sent every 10 minutes to the Logic Energy web portal, a fully automated and managed remote cloud application.

Connect your sensors, power up the system and that is all you need to start getting data. Set up takes typically less than 3 min

Kit contains

  • Logic Energy 14 channel data logger

  • Logic Energy web portal software

  • Sim with 2 yr contract

  • Power supply

  • GSM Antenna

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What it will monitor (With suitable sensor), will connect any 3rd party sensors*

  • Temperature sensor

  • Humidity Sensor

  • Power and Energy

  • Voltage

  • Current

  • Pressure

  • Air Velocity

  • Light

  • CO2

  • Occupancy

Software Features

• Customisable dashboard

• Charting and reporting tools

• Data export tools - processed or raw format

• Site comparison tool

• Mobile phone access for easy install set up

• Geo Location map of all sites

• GSM signal strength indicator

• Alert and alarm function

• Log book of alerts

• Online con­figuration of sensors

• Create users and data access permissions online

• Multiple site online dashboard

  • Wireless: GSM/GPRS communications every 10 minutes to Logic Energy web portal.

  • Alert function, combined alert function from all your sensors

  • Con­figuration of the logger’s sensors done remotely via its provided web portal

  • Data available in in many formats, accessed via online web portal Available Channels: 14 channels – 8 digital counters and 6 analogue inputs plus power supply/battery monitor

  • Data Sampling Rate: 1Hz (conforms to IEC 61400). Average data over 10 minute period

  • Resolution: 0.001Hz for digital inputs and 0.01 volts for analogue inputs

  • Accuracy: Better than 100ppm (parts per million) or 0.002% margin of error for digital inputs

  • Analogue inputs accuracy better than 1%

  • Reporting Interval to Logic Energy web portal: 10 minutes

  • Local storage: Writes data to SD card every 10 minutes.

  • Capacity: Over 10 years data

  • Data Transfer: Automatic data transfer every 10 minutes to Logic Energy web portal

  • Operating bands for GSM

  • Quadband (worldwide) – GSM800, DsC1800, GSM850 and DSC1900

  • Connector: SMA connector for antenna

  • Operating temperatures for Logic Energy Data Logger:-20°c -70°c

  • Power Consumption: Avg 5mA

  • Sensor Power: Pulsed 3.3Vdc, max 20mA total, 10 millisecond excitation pulse each sample period

  • *Compatible Sensor Manufacturers: Thies, Clima, Vector Instruments, NRG, Secondwind, RM Young

  • Power Supply Options: 12v rechargeable battery and PV panel kit or mains powered

  • Advanced PV power kit available

  • Volts 7Ah rechargeable battery, PV charger and 10W PV panel

  • Mains supply 9-12 volt regulated power supply

  • (optional?)Material: Black High Gloss Acrylic Capped ABS

  • Dimensions: 160x125x13mm

  • Weight: 303gm

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